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actual knitting content: the Shedir

Before the knitting, this history of dance. I suspect that this has already circled the interwebs and is just now getting to me. It is still darned funny -- although not the funniest six minutes ever, as the subtitle alleges. But funny enough to require a click.

The Shedir:

I hesitate to post pixs of this, mostly because it was a gift to mark a fairly serious cancer-related thing, which, fortunately turned out to be not so serious, but is still personal and not something for me to blab on about. I do, however, loooooove the way this hat turned out and would like to at least show off some pixs.

And, once again, my pride stomps the crap out of my candor. Let this be a warning to you all.

The pattern is from the knitty '04 breast cancer issue. Here's what the designer, the girl from auntie aka Jenna aka she-who-designed-rogue-and-eris had to say about it.

It's a challening little pattern but rewarding, especially since I wanted to broaden my cabling skills. Oddly enough, the thought of fairisle or intarsia makes me woozy. A gazillion wee little cables, however, are a right good time.

The end results, as modeled by some tupperware because there was no available human head in the house:



The tech specs, for thems that care. The yarn is Rowan Calmer in a shade called "Lucky," which seemed fitting. It only took one skein but there was barely enough left over to tie a decent bow. All said, it took about a week once I got the hang of it. I'd do it again -- but hope I never know anyone who needs one to cover a chemo-bald head.


I love the hat: pattern AND color! I have been wanting to try knitting with Calmer at some point. Hope the recipient is doing well.

That is a beautiful hat.

Thanks, y'all. And it is a good lookin' hat, if I do say so myself. Calmer is a good yarn -- and I say this with the full admission that cotton isn't one of my favorites. Still, I'd pick up Calmer again.

There are two great things about the hat that I've failed to mention:

1) all of these fiddly little cables have given me the courage to finally tackle Rogue -- tho I need to get some new yarn for it since the yarn I'd initially bought for it has been re-earmarked for something else.


2) the recipient is quite well now, which is awesome.

I've actually been looking for a tupperware cozy . . .

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