happy mom's day

crafts today, something else tomorrow

By this time Tuesday, I will have finished up all of the grading for Spring 2006 for my gig at SUCO. This does not include the inevitable round of griping by students about same -- but they've made their beds and I'm disinclined to acquiesce to their requests. Unless I can't do math, which is different than the usual "because of this class my GPA is a .07" rubbish.

What will remain is closing the books on my Spring 2006 at Hartwick because they are on a different schedule entirely. But by Memorial Day, if not much, much before, this madness, too, shall end.

Because of this and the fact that I'm a goober, I still haven't completed my bag for the Sew? I Knit! challenge of the month, even though we were all given a lovely deadline. The pieces I've cut are still on the table next to the sewing machine. Nothing has changed in any substantial way. It will -- just not now.

I have been admiring the bag folks have gotten done and must, must, must get me one of these Weekender bags. Like Yaiann's. Or Steph's. Or Elli's.

First I should finish what I've started, tho, eh?

That doesn't stop me from eyeballing this:


And starting that subtle thought process where I convince myself that I could get it done in my lifetime. It's a sickness.

In knitting news, I totally stole this link from Whip-up -- but I am in love with Felieke van der Leest's work.

Like this hat:


And this sweater:


And this, um, giraffe:


'til Tuesday.


I love the sweater. If I had my wish today I would like you to knit me one that had "tallman" standing. That would be my wish for today...

Sadly, your wish is not in the cards. It took me 10 months to finish the Hub's sweater and it didn't even include gee-gaws. An, um, what's a "tallman?" Or should I know this?

Must get more coffee...

Wait! I got it! Just think of the children who would be subject to such things!

But I could knit one with a variety of other birds....

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