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It is now official. My memory is all shot to ... something ... um ... some warmish place, maybe?

As evidence I offer the fact that I had the best idea ever for my next column and now can't remember what it was, only that it was the best idea ever. Crap. And, no, I didn't write it down. Or, if I did, it is useless to me because I can't remember where I wrote it. I blame the fact that I have two kids and have to remember all of their stuff in addition to my own and my brain is getting a little full. It has nothing to do with getting old. Nothing at all.

W/r/t my full brain -- I need to find an undergrad or otherwise young, unoccupied student who is willing to be my bitch for a day. Said bitch needs to know how to do most of the following: pull weeds (which means knowing what is a weed and/or able to follow directions really closely), spread mulch, dig up the world's most aggressive blackberry bush, dust, vacuum, cook nutritious dinners, remember all that I have forgotten, bathe babies and write book proposals. Knowledge of shiatsu a plus. Pay is meager, but I will buy you beer/dinner/tank of gas. Takers?

Yeah. Didn't think so.

Re: design -- easier on the eyes, yes?


I'm in, but there better be PIE.

Of course there will be pie -- but right now you're going to have to make it yourself.

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