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hybrid vigor

In an ideal world, I'd have a bunch of great pictures of a great little bag to show off. This is not an ideal world. Newsflash, I know.

Instead of sitting inside and sewing, I have been taking advantage of the springlike weather, which is a rareity in these parts, and hauling my heinie outdoors. The yard is starting to look less like a vacant lot occupied only by particularly large and messy squirrels and more like a yard. There will be a new sitting area this year because I still labor under the delusion that I may have time to actually sit in the yard with a cold beverage. No, denial ain't just ... well, you know the refrain.

The bag will probably not get done this week either (despite the fact that I have all of the pieces cut out and ready) because we are now into week three of tech hell and I am playing single parent until the weekend. And, no, it hasn't been one show with three weeks of tech. Everyone wants to get their crap in before the semester ends, however, which means that the last month is always an adventure.

(And, parenthetically, this past weekend's production of Urinetown: The Musical was mostly good and damned amusing. Even one of my dates, Snarkapuss, liked it. I had weird dreams, too. Odd, that.)

Also, since, as mentioned, this is the end of the term, I have a bunch of real work-like products to get done. I can ignore my stack of papers no longer. Too bad I can't charge 'em rent.

Excuses, excuses. Still, the yard is looking fabulous. The bag? Not so much.


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