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if I had a hammer

If I had a time machine, I wouldn't do anything big with it. No spying on Jesus. No poisoning Hitler. All I would do -- and I can't see how it would alter the fabric of the space-time continuum so you might as well just give me the time machine already -- is travel back to the day that the previous owner of my house thought it would be a fine idea to plant mint in the back yard.

I am now on a mission to kill it all, lest it continue taking over what little yard we actually have. Frickin' mint.

I must admit, however, that it smells awfully yummy when you rip it out by its evil, evil roots. Yummy...and eeeevil.

Because a deadline that I'd actually managed to forget about has reared its nasty little head (which looks a lot like mint, come to think of it), the long knitting post I had planned will have to wait.

In lieu, two links:

First, what I plan to do with my kids' old clothes when I have some free time. Stop laughing. Stop it.

Second, from the folks who bring you Cook's Illustrated, a site about stopping junk food in schools. Don't get me wrong -- I'm not anti-junk food and enjoy a good ding-dong every now and again. But I don't think your average kid should have unlimited access to it.


Yes, well, I've saved up all of my old t-shirts which say thing such as "WARC 90.3 FM" in order to make a similar quilt. With bigger squares, of course. In my copious free time. Laugh, go ahead. I dare you!

With the mint? When you pull it up, boil a big double handful in water until you have a strong mint tea. Strain, freeze in ice cube tray and use in your water glass during the heat of summer.

All of a sudden, you won't hate the mint so much.

My mint knows its place now that I have installed a semi-subterranean fence made out of the sides of old plastic milk bottles. It still occasionally finds its way through cracks, but it's not too hard to deal with a couple of escapees once or twice a year.

I don't hate mint per se. It certainly has its place -- tea, lamb, toothpaste. I will have to try the water thing, tho, thanks. What I hate is the fact that it knows no boundaries and is taking over the garden. That is making me crabby. In fact, once I manage to get all of today's desk work done, I must go rip some more. Woo.

And, nerak, what have you planted this year? And will there be more plum jam?

For sure, it is a garden thug.

Smells better than the pizen ivy, tho.

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