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Since 8 a.m. today, I have had the theme song from Clifford the Big Red Dog stuck in my head. Curse you Emily Elizabeth. Curse you to hell.

My newest online addiction is the wonders that are The Fabulist and Notcot, despite the fact that I will never be hip enough to buy any of the great design objects that they link to. Like, for instance, this octopus necklace, which I covet, and these which I don't covet but am fascinated by. The one product I could use, however, is the origami beer label, since I am a lable picker from way back and would love the chance to cover a bar top with more than wet flakes of paper and 10,000 tears.

I suspect that my label picking tendencies explain why I like knitting so much. Gives my hands something to do. And now that NY State has banned smoking in pretty much every public place, I no longer have to worry about yarn that smells like cigs. Plus, the pointy sticks cut down on the skanky guy factor, which hasn't been a huge issue for me but is a massive irritation when it happens. With apologies, I guess, to all you irritating skanky bar guys out there.

Off to work. Deadlines are killing me. Ha!


All together now: I love Clifford, he's a big red dog....

Or something like that. You know I can't be trusted to get song lyrics correct.

All I have to say is "Oh, Nipsey Russell."

"Oh Nipsey Russell" actually appeared in the book "'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy".

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