quote of the day + shameless self promotion

my new Grail

Not sure what my old Grail was, but I'm fairly certain I had one. No matter. My new all consuming goal is to find out who writes Barney's Blog over at the CBS site. It is by equal turns vomit inducing and hysterically amusing, much like Barney himself. My guess is that it is one of the show's writers, simply because the tone is pitch-perfect, but I've been oh-so-wrong in the past.

Sometimes, other writers must fill in because the voice will change every now and again. The writer I'm looking for is the main one. I don't want to do anything evil to him (and I'm thinking it is a him), of course, but merely want to say that it has been a job well done.

The entry that set me on this quest was the one for May 16, during which Barney laments his dead waterbed. The name of the bed was a nice touch.

And, yes, my life is this sad.


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