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not cummington, but still fiber

Forgive me if this is less coherent than usual. I'm half listening to Andy Roddick's French Open match. He's down a set and I'm a touch distracted.

In honor of all of my fiber friends who went to the Fest at Cummington, which I didn't managed to get to this year either, a little bit of local fur-bearing animals.

On Saturday, we packed up and headed out to HaSu Alpacas sheering day. We got there just as they were starting the males, who are really vocal about their dislike of the whole idea of the thing.


Perhaps it's because they look too goofy afterwards to pick up chicks.


These two chicks had a decent time, however. (The one on the right is mine. The one on the left belong to the Pie Goddess.)


And took a break from picking every last buttercup in the field so that they could pose awkwardly.


As a souvenir, the HaSu folk handed out little baggies of fluff. I'm trying to refrain from petting it during every waking moment. Sooooo sooooooft.

Now to go bite my nails and pray my Andy can pull this one out.


Alpacas have really long skinny necks. I mean, I knew they were long, but I had no idea they were so skinny. ...which makes me realize that when you see pictures of alpacas, they usually have a pretty full coat.

You should see one up close after it has been sheered. Looks like the offspring of a muppet and a giraffe.

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