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shameless self promotion, part 228 in a series

quote of the day + shameless self promotion (2)

"Drop that peach! I hate to see fruit eaten in anger."

-- Quack the Duck in Peep's Moon Mission, which is quite possibly my favorite Peep episode ever, which is saying a lot because I really enjoy the heck out of Peep.

The promo part is this: a loud ka-thud of a big envelope hitting my porch this morning distracted me from my coffee. In said envelope were two copies of the finished book. It's like a hardback with a cover and an ISBN and stuff. I was going to take a picture but can't find any batteries that still have a charge. Suffice to say, there is a certain amount of glee. I also really want to throw up. So it goes.


Oooh, congratulations on the momentous occasion!

Woo and also hoo! Congrats! ;)

Verily, you rock like a mighty thing that rocketh!

Danke, danke and danke. It's a weird wonderful thing -- much like children.

And, Adam, what double post? :)

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