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"Vulvar and vaginal nips and tucks represent the fastest-growing segment of plastic surgery, according to Dr. V. Leroy Young, who chairs the Emerging Trends Task Force of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The techniques have been practiced for more than half a century to repair childbirth-related injuries. But a decade ago a handful of West Coast surgeons for the first time promoted the procedures to improve sexual function and to prettify women's genital organs...."

You know, there are some stories that simply boggle one's mind. This recent Houston Press story about a doctor who makes her living doing plastic surgery on vulvas simply has to be read to be believed. And one you get to the end, you'll simply be unable to wrap your head around the whole thing. But it does touch on several interesting points about American culture, from pr0n to capitalism to shame. It's a doozy.

From the ridiculous to the sublime...

As a palate cleanser, some sensible advice from Dr. Parker on how to raise a 21st century child who is above average.


My head is spinning. Especially from the visual of the 50-something women, who has deluded herself into thinking she looks 35; and now has the genitals of an 18 year-old. I wonder if she's marketing herself that way: "Nice girl, loves crossword puzzles, 5 ft 6, brown eyes, and a the vulva of an 18 year-old." Eeek.

What kills me is that that description would get her a lot of dates...


Aside from people who need actual reconstructive surgery, the whole notion of it just seems so bizarre. (and sad!) I've never given it any thought and none of my friends have complained that their vulvas could be "prettier"--and I have pretty blunt friends.

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