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Thanks to a rather liberal application of several kinds of fertilizer, I finally got our rat bastard of a rhodie to bloom. It's rather striking, no?


I haven't the slightest idea why it didn't bloom for the first couple of summers we've lived here. Other stuff in the yard is freakishly large. Like this bleeding heart:


And this hosta, which was actually a division from the equally large hostas in the front. The adult female hand is provided for scale because it was all I had handy. Hah.


And this pretty little fern and straggly little lilac that refuse to die:


Despite all of this greenery -- I haven't even begun to wax rhapsodic about the daylillies -- the rhodie remained stoic and unblooming. Until this year. Let this be a lesson to you all. If you come to our olace, you better bloom, dammit.


Rhodies and lilacs both like acidic soil. Try a fertilizer like Miracid (by MiracleGro) for them.

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