oh what a night
the last of this, I hope

holding pattern

Still trying to get back up to speed around here. Tomorrow should be closer to normal. And, hopefully, the kids' day care will be open again tomorrow and I can get some work done. Not that we haven't been having a fine time -- just that my perpetual state of behind-ness gets even more, um, behind.

And so -- two links:

First, Rob Centorani's very funny column about his drive to work yesterday. Now I want to meet his wife.

Second, the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor. Matthew -- do you know anything about these?


Yes, I have heard of the Fairy Doors. They don't like to use the term "glory holes" in Ann Arbor.

In fact, I was in Sweetwater's today. I've also seen the fairy doors at Peacable Kingdom and Selo/Shevel, all three places are pretty much on the same block, give or take. Fairly recent phenom. A friend of mine who self-publishes comic books was next to the Fairy Door guy at the Detroit comic-con this year, said he's a pretty good artist.

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