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Before I give you any details, let me assure the person I'm knitting this for that it will most definitely be done by October. Really. No reason to panic. None.

In fact, SnarkaP, you might want to look away.


The above picture represents the sum total of two hours of work on the Icarus shawl. I may have met my Waterloo. When I get it done, which I will, no worries, it will be lovely and oh-so-soft. And I know that lace looks like dog vomit until you block it. But, seriously, unless I can learn how to count with any accuracy, it is going to take a very, very long time. Worth it, certainly, but a long time.

My hope is that the first 15 stitiches are the trickiest and the remaining umpteen thousand will be a breeze.

Don't tell me if you know otherwise. Really.

edited to add -- one of the reasons it took me so long to get that far is that I ripped out the first five or six rows a dozen times. Or maybe two dozen. I lost track after a bit.


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