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oh what a night

Sadly, this video doesn't quite convey the mind-bogglingliness of this event. For those who don't know the Oneonta area, this raging river is generally a meandering creek through Wilber Park, which is about a block and half from our house. What the video doesn't capture is the sound -- usually this creek has a nice little burble that you can't hear until you're almost on top of it. Right now, you can hear a train-like roaring from a block away.

The last three days of rain culminated with a deluge last night. Reports of flooding are trickling (no pun intended) in. And judging by those reports, we won't be going to Binghamton soon, simply because the interstate has washed away just outside of Sidney.

Right now the sun is out and it is more humid than a Knoxville July day. The kids are slowly working up to a decent level of near-psychotic boredom because they've been trapped inside for so long. Woo.


We here in western PA have been wondering if it's time to build a boat. Sunny today, but tomorrow it's supposed to rain yet again.

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