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i am a giver

By now, this should have made its way to the birthday girl, so I can blog about it.

If you are a small child or easily offended by words or counted cross-stitch, please look away.


The pattern is from Julie Jackson's Subversive Cross Stitch. Two more objects d'art are planned -- but I won't spoil the surprise. I am also tempted by Jackson's new "Truthiness" design. Decisions, decisions.

I have officially reached the part of the summer when I refuse to deal with the garden. The daylilies, fortunately, are thriving. The mint has been beaten into submission (mostly) and the damn deer seem to have found other hostas to munch. I have, however, grown oddly fond of this rock and want some yarn that mimics its colors and pattern.


I suspect that my love of this lichen is a sign that I need to start wearing a hat in the hot sun.


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