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Consider this the catch-all post, designed to collect all of the bits of debris that have been floating on my desktop. There will be pictures. There will be tales of derring-do. Well, a tale, maybe, once I can figure out what derring-do actually is.

For them's that asked, my hair, taken with the children during a weekend mini-golf/amusement park trip to Hoffman's Playland. Please bear in mind that it was humid beyond all real description.


The Diva is a huge fan of mini-golf. She is not such a huge fan of having to play mini-golf when her brother decides to be a course hazard, but those are the breaks.

And, no, the Boy almost never wears shoes. Soon he'll have to, I know. I am a big believer in bare feet and intend to keep 'em naked as long as I can.

The Diva, looking cute, during the 3.5 seconds she let me put her hair back:


And 3 seconds later, just before the clips were pulled out:


Much as we love random road trips, this one had a purpose, which was to have a quick visit with Knoxville friends who were passing through Albany on their way to the beach.


I had the honor of meeting Miss Trixie -- she's the red head -- for the first time. And Trixie's mom (and dad and older borther, who I never got a decent picture of) met Squirmy McSquirmypants (pictured below) for the first time.


In fact, the boy has grown so relentlessly mobile -- he has begun climbing the stairs, for Pete's sake -- that we've had to invent new ways to contain him.


And, yes, we do catch-and-release our babies around these parts, mostly because we needed the laundry basket back.


"and dad and older brother"

These are different people, right?

Yes, they are different people, smart ass.

Well, with the whole "hillbilly" thing, just had to be sure! :)

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