shameless self promotion, part 232 in a series

old. very, very old.

Stories of Austin will leak out over the next couple of days. Right now, however, linear thought is more challenging than usual. It's sad that a mere four days of running around and waiting around can wear a body out so much but there it is. I keep staring off into space trying to remember what I was about to do.

Part of that is because we got the Diva's biopsy results and, yes, she does have Celiac. And now we have to start overhauling her diet, which is completely doable but requires the use of my brain. My brain doesn't want to play along. In fact, it is actively rejecting the notion of playing along and is still very, very sad that she'll never get to know the wonders of good French bread or flaky pie crust. While I am in mourning, she couldn't care less and has been explaining to her grandma that there are foods "that make her tummy angry."

I love that kid.

So while I try to figure out what to do next, other than stare, two book-related things:

A wonderful review from the Hartford (CT) Courant. There is a trend developing here: the further away you get from the Applachians the less reviewers understand the book. It's a hypothesis.

Also, in October, I will be a guest at the Southern Festival of Books, where I intend to stalk Garrison Keillor, John T. Edge and Ann Shayne.


You should give Q a call about the diet. She knows about things gluten-free.

Is that the artist formerly known as Sue?

And how did that reviewer know the Featureless Saint's alter ego?

Congressional hearings!!!!

Adrienne, look up Tony Dunbar at the book festival - he's an old friend of my parents. Tell him you know Andy Lipscomb's middle son.

John Egerton is a family friend, too!

Well, hell. About the definitive dx of celiac, that is. I know you can do what needs to be done to deal with this, but it totally sucks that you have to.

Q is the artist formerly known as Sue. Hey -- that rhymes.

I will look up the Lipscomb family friends. Should I be ready to run when I mention you dad's name? ;)

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