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As much as I'd like to have completed a top for the latest Sew I Knit, it ain't gonna happen. After my frenzy of sewing yesterday I realized two things: Thing the First -- I cut out the wrong freaking size and Thing the Second -- I don't have the patience for sewing right now. The top and all of its pieces has now been banished to the yarn closet, where it can spend the rest of its days thinking about what it has done. If I find someone who I think it'll fit, I'll make it a present for them. Barring that, it can just sit there and stew.

My big problem with sewing is the sheer amount of space it requires and its non-portability. Given how wee our house is, I keep having to set up and take down the machine and ironing board and assorted crap each time I want to sew, which is more of a pain in the ass than I want to deal with. So -- back to knitting (the Icarus Shawl is zipping along) and cross-stitch (the Christmas gifts are also zipping along).

The latest SIK project is "to make something quilted." Is it sick and sad that I find myself eyeballing fabric and patterns, despite my realization that I need a break from sewing? And then there is the Patchwork Party 2006. Surely this is a cry for help.

Project Runway is partly to blame for enabling me with the illusion that I, too, can make stuff out of fabric. And as much as I adore the show itself -- as does The Boy, who is fascinated by Heidi Klum and will come running when he hears her voice -- it's all of the other ancillary stuff that keeps me completely enthralled. Like all of Bravo's PR blogs, which now includes a witty one by producer Rucker in addition to those by Daniel V and the almighty Tim Gunn. All hail Tim Gunn.

The end-all blog is, of course, Blogging Project Runway. While BPR is a treasure trove of info, for sheer snark, Dan Renzi's blog is a must read. Course, there's lots of other good stuff there, too. As it turns out I have the same taste in pop culture as a gay former reality tv star. Color me unsurprised.

In other news, it's hot. Like Texas hot. My plan is to move as little as possible today.

Tomorrow, we go to the Bing for the biopsy. Woo.

(An Aside: If anyone can tell me the official name for the verb tense of that first sentence, I'd be much obliged.)


I think it's a perfect infinitive. Have I told you that I'm amazed that you are cross stitching. Speaking of, that insane Van Gogh project of mine is nearly done.

I know what you mean about the ironing board and stuff needed every time you get a couple minutes to sew... not so great if you don't have a space to keep it set up.

We will be thinking of you and Maddy tomorrow.

In the next house -- heh! -- I will have a sewing room. Said new house probably won't happen until the kids are in college but still.

Trish -- I know it is surprising but I learned how to xstitich in high school. My longstanding problem is a lack of interesting patterns. One can only see so many Jesus-praying hands and sad-eyed puppies before moving on to a new project. There seems to be a revolution, however, and this pleases me. Have any suggestions for projects to check out?

And, FWIW, I'm surprised you are knitting.

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