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Apologies for yesterday's silence. For the first time in quite a long time, I truly wondered if I was going to pass out in front of one of my classes because I was so feverish and weak. I made it through the day -- because I am a trooper whose trooperness will one day lead to my untimely demise -- but collapsed upon returning home.

I did, however, manage to get my shit together enough to go to Pie in the Sky to knit with my local KnitWits. Fortunately, I didn't have to drive or speak or think, which was really beyond me. And the ice cream wizard had just put out the season's first batch of pumpkin ice cream, which was still slightly soft and completely delicious. All of the best parts of pumpkin pie but cold. Yum.

I continue to feel lousy today and now my chest hurts, too. Stupid body. Stupid germs.

I did manage to heat up a bowl of French Onion Soup. You may swear by the chicken noodle but my money will always be on onion, beef broth and cheese when it comes to restoritive power. I have no idea how vegetarians cope.

My only goal for the afternoon is to watch a couple of class related videos and knit on Icarus.

Speaking of, the punkins are done. I took them to PITS so that they could be admired by the assembled.


They turned out nicely. I prefer the smaller of the two. Others prefer the larger, which felted in an odd way. I'm thinking about stitching a face on the big one and making it a Halloween decoration. Thoughts?


I prefer the larger one. I can tell from here that the quality of the workmanship is far superior to that of the smaller punkin.

Hmm, I like the smaller one.
You could needle felt a face onto one of them. (ooh! new craft supplies!)

I love a good craft supply but am on a diet. I already have too much in the craft closet. Besides, anything with needle in it is best left out of my house untill the boy is older.

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