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stupid internet quiz, with ayurveda

Your Dosha is Pitta
You have a quick mind, a gift for persuasion, and a sharp sense of humor.
You have both the drive and people skills to be a very successful leader.
Argumentative and a bit stubborn, you have been known to be a little too set in your ways.
But while you may be biased toward your own point of view, you are always honest, fair, and ethical.

With friends: You are outgoing and open to anyone who might want to talk to you

In love: You are picky but passionate

To achieve more balance: Be less judgmental of those around you, and take cool walks in the moonlight.


Do I have to watch the three minute cord blood movie?

Um ... have to? No. I didn't, at least. Nor do I want to.

Two minutes of cord blood is one thing, but at three minutes you're just showing off.

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