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Over the weekend, I decided to take some fun fur and some ping pong balls and reinact the miracle that was the birth of my children. I did it drug-free this time.


I kid.

The girl and I decided to make a monster wreath in honor of this most wonderful time of the year.


Next time, I will brush the cheese doodle dust off of her face before snapping the picture.


Given the amount of pre-schooler help I had with this project, I think it turned out right scary. Next time around, I'll stuff it more and make it smaller. Not that there's going to be a next time. One is enough.


What do you think? Bow or no bow?


I may also add some teeth or screaming villagers or other frightening accessories.


No bow. But, if you must have one, it should be purple. Purple is boo-scary.

I like the idea of teeth, especially if they're bloody. And some tufts of hair. Orange hair.

I like the idea of a bow. Maybe it could be blood-stained and somewhat ragged?

I just said to The Boyfriend the other day "Oh, we need to make that ping-pong eyeball wreath that Adrienne posted last year." Seems like a good Sunday project for me. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Gum. I think the wreath needs wads of chewed gum attached to it.

Bwahahaha! That is hilarious.

I think the wreath could use a few of those fake severed fingers. If I tried to reenact my son's birth (via c-section)-especially drug-free--I think I'd lose a couple of digits from the stress.

Definitely fangs and a ragged bow. Maybe black mesh or tulle.

It may be too late, but I would use a bigger bow. That's one big ol'wreath and that calls for one big ol' bow!

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