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I am unsurprised by this result but it is still good to know. Stolen from Snarkapuss, whose wedding was beautiful and who is also about to be an aunt.

Also stolen from my sidebar is this Creating Text(iles) post about her kitties and their havoc. I feel her pain. Mooch, while I was away, spent the better part of a day sitting outside the sliding glass door with a mouse in his mouth. Then he started tossing it in the air, so as to better enjoy its dead mousiness. Maddy, in a fit of her usual verbal flair, explained that "some cats kill mice" and then wanted to go out and touch it. I feel all icky just thinking about it.

Hopefully, tho, we will not see another repeat of the Heating Vent Incident, simply because the pointed stick seems to have gotten lost.

Other rabid fans of America's Next Top Model will enjoy this. (I think Melrose will take it this cycle. You?)

This morning in the shower I suddenly figured out what to do with all of the odd balls of yarn I have in the odd ball box. (Yes, I have an odd ball box. Say nothing.) I will be knitting baby hats, which isn't all that remarkable, really.

But while I was online at the Interweave site, where I found a place to donate said hats, I also clapped eyes on the preview of the upcoming issue. Holy mother of yarn! I must have the cover sweater. I'm pretty sure I have some yarn that I can use for it, too, even if I make the sleeves full length and the body just a scootch longer. Oh, you will be mine Nantucket Jacket. You will be mine.

(And if you and my yarn don't match well -- you will be mine Arwen's Cardigan. You will be mine.)

The Hallowig is done, btw. Pictures on the morrow.


Supposedly, there are 0 people in the U.S. with my name. Does that mean I don't exist?

There's something we've been meaning to tell you, PL...

There are 168 people in the US with my name.

When I was applying to Allegheny, there was another Matthew Rush applying from Bethesda, MD. He didn't make the cut.

There's an arist at www.mattrush.com.

Then, there's my moonlighting job (http://www.falconstudios.com/falconxxx/modelHomeLogin.jsp.cont?modelID=101590&websiteName=falconjoin).

Matthew - Oh my...

Um...you've been working out?

Oh good Lord, I am so glad I found your blog! I forgot how much I enjoyed reading your writing (I swear this isn't sucking up, not too much anyway. I always tried to catch you in Metro Pulse. Honestly). And you're a knitter! Joy, joy to find you online.
Thoroughly enjoyed the airline bit, especially about the books. I think not only you, but all your friends who travel too should be made to carry signed copies and post them throughout random airport bookshelves.
Thanks so much for the comment on my site!

Yes, it was about 5 years ago when I learned that I share my name with a gay porn star. I warn people to not Google me unless they're into that sort of thing.

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