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Curse you Apple Computers for providing the interface with which I can track both the status of my poor laptop and its progress across the country! I'm not generally obsessive nor compulsive but this ability to log in and see this sort of info is too tempting. Curse you!

And, for thems that care -- said newly-repaired laptop was in Wilmington, OH at 2:30 a.m. Allegedly, it will be back in my arms today. *sigh*

Oh -- and while I'm cursing things -- Curse you Today Show for spoiling who won Project Runway! I'm still going to watch the finale that I have on the DVR but, man, I hate knowing how it all turns out. I fart in your general direction, Today Show.

Anyone you'd like to curse today?


I would like to curse my history professor for creating assignments designed to make his work easier and to stifle intellectual curiosity.

Specifically, I am struggling to write an essay using the text as my only resource--what's up with that?

The essay is worth 30 points of my final grade. I keep staring at my outline, typing a few words and sighing. Then instead of getting down to brass tacks, I find myself opening/closing my fridge and surfing blogs. Ugh.

I would like to curse the tilt of the earth's axis, which is responsible for the dwindling number of daylight hours and therefore my seasonal affective disord...zzz...

I curse that old feeling you get when your friends have children, and your business partner doesn't recognize Dexy's Midnight Runners.

I saw a bunch of Allegheny Gators, around class of '97, at my brother's wedding (new sister-in-law went there). We had the traditional Allegheny wedding picture, maybe you'll see it in the magazine.

I curse the fact that the arts center where I work is bringing in Ailey II next Friday and that I worked on Ailey II in Shafer somewhere around '88 or '89. I feel really old.

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