making the donuts
worst. mother. ever.


"You're entitled to the work, not the reward."
-- August Wilson, playwright and Pittsburgher, and lifted from The Amateur Gourmet

It's something to keep in mind, yes? Especially when one wants to sell billions of books and reap billions of awards?

I have done my work. I am entitled to no more. Anything else that might happen will be gravy.

Still, one of them genius grant thingies would be lovely, if you wondered what I'd like for Christmas.

(Parenthetically -- does anyone else always confuse August Wilson with Lanford Wilson? No? Nevermind.)


Don't even ask why people confuse them. Just don't go there.

But speaking of, I just saw A. Wilson's "The Gem of the Ocean" at the Milwaukee Rep on Tuesday. how was it?

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