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Q: "Do you think society is getting better in its attitude toward and understanding of depression?"

A: "I don't know. I would like to say that all of the world has become like Brooke Shields, 'Yes. Mental illness exists.' But my suspicion is that it's more like the Tom Cruise response where the feeling is that it's just the pharmaceutical companies selling medication and that there's really nothing wrong with you. 'If you try Scientology, you'll feel much better.' Or, 'try whatever brand of Christianity.' I think it's getting better, but we're not there yet.

"Depression and mental illness have always been labeled a women's issue. I don't think the numbers bear that out, but I think that's how it's viewed. The general societal response is, 'Suck it up girlie, and do as you're told.' I don't think larger reactions to mental illness will change until that attitude changes.

-- From an interview of Yrs Trly by Jerry Miller in the San Diego Reader.

Blunt, irreverent and probably offensive to legions, Martini always makes her point. Here, it is simply that, as she finds out, most new mothers "are responsible, reasonable adults who need to be less ashamed to admit that we struggle sometimes."

In asking for help, she sees that she did the mature thing - thereby stopping a runaway train, bringing some order out of chaos and realizing that, with treatment, there are "unseen benefits of losing your mind."

What is striking here is Martini's level of candor, sparing no secrets, her own or her family's or Appalachia's, and all the while maintaining a certain dignity for everyone concerned.

-- Review of Gothic by Karen Brady in the Buffalo News.


I really do need to buy your book. I knew I was in serious trouble depression-wise, when I decided it was time to ask for help. So many women I know are incapable of saying help me, I can't do this.

"Yrs Trly"

Which personality is this one?

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