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shameless self promotion, part 253 in a series

The box for my dead Mac has arrived. Today it will go to the people who can patch it back up and return it to my loving arms. Godspeed.

New column up at Austinmama about my love for another household appliance. Who else is with me?

Thanks to all who came to the reading last night. I had a fine time and hope y'all did as well.

Mim, the talented designer responsible for the Icarus pattern, gave my humble work a shout out on her site. And now that I have seen her site, it's all I can do to not purchase every last shawl pattern she has (especially that Seraphim jobby) and dive right in. It's a sickness, I tell you.

And the truly sick thing is that I'm not much of a shawl person -- but seem to love knittin' 'em. Go figure.

Speaking of, through a wonderful, kismet-laden turn of events, I wound up with a copy of Folk Shawls and am already plotting. How I came to have this book is one of those stories I keep threatening y'all with. It'll have to keep waiting, tho, until I can get to my pictures. Hopefully I can steal away with the Hub's computer this evening, since he needs it back right now and must go to work.

As should I. Papers to grade. Woo. It's good paper-grading-tea-drinking weather, tho, so I have that working for me.


I made the mistake of mentioning my plans to knit several shawls to my husband who, looking confused, said, "but you don't wear shawls." I tried to explain that that wasn't the point but I don't think he understood. If I had more shawls surely I would find some way to wear them, right?

Folk Shawls was the source of the first two shawls I ever knit--wool peddler and kimono. Just make sure you check for errata.

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