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spiced tea!

Ms Ayun triggered a flashback this morning with her recipe for Spice Tea. Our moms must be about the same age because I remember this bevvy being de riguer at every last party my folks ever hosted in the '70s. I'd totally forgotten how much the smell of this stuff conjures of scents of my mom's Shalimar perfume mixed with that of the candle that went under her silver tea urn, which was full of this stuff. It was the odor of adults doing adult things, which made no sense to someone who was still in single digits and was forced to go to bed early.

Must go buy Tang...


"watch out--it burns like Tang flavored crack."

She's hilarious,but I think I'll stick to my Constant Comment spice tea.

Rusty VWs that reeked of pot and patchouli with a faint hint of cow manure, is the scent I associate my mother's parties from the 70s. That's rural VT for you.

Oddly, spice tea isn't dissimilar from Constant Comment. Less tea-y, tho, and more orange-y. Made some today in fact. And it was good.

My parents are just old enough to not have been of the pot and patchouli era. I'm also not sure if there was any cow manure in Pittsburgh.

If you ever have a chance, pick up on of Ayun's book. They will amuse.

She's a favorite author of mine--I think she reads like the best kind of 'nutty.'

I discovered her work near the end of my backpacking-budget-travel-work to pay for trips-quit jobs on a whim-stage a couple years ago, so her writing really appealed to me.

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