life is random and unfair

we soldier on

Scott this morning described me as forlorn. That is sadly accurate.

Still, Project Runway was on last night and that can improve even the most bleak of moods. As can the blogs on Bravo, which are always good, but Rucker really stepped up in his descriptions of the great Tim Gunn:

  1. The man consistently wants to help carry 80-pound production cases while wearing fully pressed suit and shinned dress shoes despite being, what we refer to as, “talent.” (I carry your bags, Tim. That’s what I get paid to do.)
  2. He’s an efficient packer and his one small bag makes your bag look like it was packed in the dark by a group of kindergarteners.

For the record, in Memphis this weekend, my bag will more resemble the latter rather than the former. Speaking of, the most amusing tidbit of info is that my computer will be shipped to ... wait for it ... Memphis to be fixed.

Email still touch-and-go and completely dependent on the arrangement of the planets. Just FYI.

I do suspect that I'm going to get a heck of a lot of non-computer related stuff (like, say, cleaning) that I wouldn't otherwise. This will all be very character building.


I absolutely Loooooooove Memphis. If I didn't have work to do this weekend--and if I had money--I'd so fly down there and join you.

The one time I was in Memphis I drove across the bridge to Arkansas, just so I could say I've been to Arkansas. I think that'll be the last time I go to Arkansas.

Matthew - you didn't even make into "real" Arkansas. The rest is even less alluring.

Gruesome. The lack of computer is just gruesome. I do not know how you are coping.

Looking forward to Memphis!

Sometimes I wish my computer would break. Though a broken cell phone would be nice too.

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