les chapeaux para los ninos

worst. mother. ever.

I realized this morning that we never carved a pumpkin in honor of the Halloween.

There have been other projects, of course, like the Hallowig and the monster wreath -- but no actual pumpkin. In addition, my attempts at costuming have been lame, at best. I believe the Dude will be wearing one of the Diva's old costumes and the Diva will be wearing one of her many princess dresses. Still, lame.

Here's the wacky part -- I feel guilty about this. I may actually scout around and see if there are pumpkins to be had, despite the facts that a) I hate carving pumpkins with a white-hot passion and b) don't really have time and the will to deal with it tonight.

Still, I don't want the niblets to feel deprived, even though they probably won't remember any of it 48 hours after Halloween.

It is days like this when I really wonder if I should be allowed to have children. I don't wonder this because I might be depriving them of a frickin' Jack-o-Lantern but because I feel insanely guilty about the alleged deprivation even thought no one has said word one about carving a pumpkin.


I think when our society reached a point where we no longer had to be consumed with stress and guilt about getting the kids fed and free of life threatening disease, we had to channel all of that energy into worrying about trivial crap like pumpkins and preschools and play groups. It's like Newton's little known Fourth Law -- worry about the kids can neither be destroyed nor created.


Umm, well, we carved pumpkins this weekend. It started out well, with safe carving utensils and kitty patterns.
It started to deteriorate when the 2yo decided that the seeds should go back into the pumpkins, and the 6yo melted down after being told to put DOWN the carving tool for the 74th time.
The evening ended badly when we discovered that the 2yo found some silly putty while DH and I were busy carving. Sigh.
The pumpkins came out great, but are sitting on the floor of the dining room & have yet to be displayed to anyone outside our home.
So, you know, there's guilt no matter what.
I say buy a pumpkin pie at the grocery store and stick a candle in it. ;)

I really like Halloween, but if it helps alleviate some mis-placed guilt not only have I not carved the pumpkins sitting on our front steps yet, but my son does not have a costume. And we're supposed to attend a Halloween party at my husband's job in, oh an hour or so. (I *hate* work-related parties with a passion, so this is probably just my excuse to get out of going.)

Last year I bought my son a Halloween-themed balloon in lieu of a pumpkin. No mess and he was thrilled. Oh and if there is a Target nearby,this year I picked up a set of stencils with black, orange and green sidewalk chalk. If my husband wants to carve the pumpkins tonight, he can be my guest. I'll play in the street with my son and the chalk tomorrow before the trick-or-treaters arrive. :)

I'm reporting you all to Children's Services.

No pumpkin here either, A. We went to a party this weekend where the house was decorated for Halloween the way I decorate for Christmas. No, better than I decorate for Christmas. *cringe*

We have pumpkins but no children. Maybe that's the difference?

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