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Sorry about the quietness. Yesterday, we made the trip to the P-GENT in Binghamton to have the Diva's belly rechecked. And, lo, there was much rejoicing. In four months, she gained four pounds and grew an inch. Now, if you or I had done this in four months, it might be cause for alarm. But for the girl to have done this, it is cause for riotous celebration. We are most pleased.

The only bad news is that it does appear that she does without a doubt have celiac. But we carry on.

Mooch, who usually shuns the children because they are unpredictable, has decided that any warm body will do now that winter is here.


Silly cat.

Speaking of winter being here --

Four weeks ago, I decided to be proactive and have a window replaced. One of the windows in the Diva's room was cracked when we moved in. At some point during the summer, when we had the window open, it came crashing down. The good news was that no one was in the room at the time, since the bad news was that the pane of glass that was cracked shattered into dozens of pieces and littered the Diva's bed. Since that day, the hole in the house has been covered with a piece of cardboard.

But since winter was coming...proactive. So I went to the new Lowe's, because it was just one window and I didn't really want to monkey around with someone who would try to sell me a houseful of windows. Just one. Plus, going to Lowe's is still fun, since it is new.

And so began my odyssey, which is still continuing. First, just getting one of their installer's here to measure took a week. Then, I went and paid for the window and was told that someone would call to set up a time to actually put the window in within 48 hours. Three weeks later, I still hadn't received this miraculous phone call, despite my having called every couple of days to figure out what the hold-up was. Each time I was told that someone would call back within 48 hours. After three weeks of this -- and with night temps now in the 20s -- I sent in the spouse, who was also roundly blown off.

Then I emailed corporate. On a Sunday. And within two hours of hitting send, someone from the local store called to let me know that my concerns were being addressed. The next morning a new installer called to set up a time to measure, which she will be doing today. Allegedly. Because here's where it gets really annoying.

It appears that no one from the local store called to let the old installer know that he had been replaced by someone who might actually install the stupid window. And now he is calling here to set up a time to come do his job. And *I* was the one who had to tell him that he had been replaced. Which didn't sit well with him.

Am I wrong to think that isn't my job? I mean -- I have no problem breaking bad news but, seriously, this doesn't seem like my bad news to break. Fucking Lowe's. All I want is to not have a brisk wind blowing through my kid's room.

This is my penance for not shopping locally.


Don't forget to see if your homeowner's insurance covers window replacement. If you haven't already.

Glad to hear Diva's gaining weight, and I hope you guys have a good Turkey Day.

Maybe some day you can make it down here for our post-Thanksgiving leftover feast.

Oh, and Melissa's book club just finished your book to rave reviews.


For once, a parenting magazine has a good suggestion. I saw a piece yesterday about using the information on hoover.com to address complaint letters to the CEO. The article suggested avoiding e-mail, and from my own experience asnwering e-mails in customer service gig on a corporate level, I would agree.

The CEO will not read your letter,but his assistant will and should take your issue more seriously than someone who dealt with 100 other upset people via e-mail that same day.

If you explain that you had to deliver the bad news to the installer, after weeks of unexplained service delays, and include a photocopy of the receipt, maybe Lowes will offer to reimburse you for the window?

Here's the contact info:


I keep hearing about how good the service at Lowe's is. Horsepucky. I went in 4 years ago, ready to buy five roomfuls (roomsful? rooms full?) of paint. After waiting a few minutes while two employees at the desk finished their conversation, it was clear that neither of them was interested in providing any kind of assistance. I walked out, drove to Sherwin Williams, never have set foot in a Lowe's since. Send them this URL in your follow-up.

FWIW -- A letter stating almost all of this has been sent to Lowe's CEO. We shall see how that all works out. My expectations are low.

And, Adam, one day we will be there for leftovers, but only if there is pie.

Oh, and matthew, it's "roomfulli."

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