qotd, massacre edition
leftovers, reheated

and so there was turkey

A good holiday was had. Hope yours was the same.

Perhaps the highlight was getting to see my dad and hear tales from his recent trip across the Pacific, to the land of Shoji screens and Shinto temples. Gift from that far away place were distributed. I love mine --a robe that is finished with simple but exacting detail -- and Scott's -- ditto in more somber colors. But for some reason, it is Maddy's fan that I keep pulling out and admiring, simply because I love the colorway and patterns.


I am particularly taken with the green/cream bit in the robe -- but the whole thing cries out from some sort of crafty interpretation. I am also trying to convince Maddy that it needs to be displayed in my (and Scott's, natch) bedroom rather than hers. She is resistant, to say the least, and bribery might be in order.


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