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One of my students gave her informative speech today on "How to Survive a Zombie Attack." It was a funny, well assembled speech, mind you, but during it I realized that I don't actually have Strep. What has happened is that I've been attacked by zombies and will, in 24 hours time, be on my own quest for tasty, tasty human flesh. It's the only logical explanation.

In other zombie related news, Marrit's current Austinmama piece is zombie-larious. It has become my new shibboleth for finding moms to hang out with. If the mom in question doesn't get it, then she is not going to find me and mine the slightest bit amusing.

I'm also amused beyond belief that my friend Bob's site is one of the first the comes up when you search for "How to Survive a Zombie Attack."


What is it with kids/zombies and Veggie Booty anyway? Stuff tastes like dirt, yet they all seem to love it.

Marrit has a great voice. Very talented lady.

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