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Confidential to the person who found my blog with the search string "celiac miracle." I wish I had something for you. I do. I wish I had a celiac miracle for the Diva as well. I got nothin'. FWIW -- now that we seem to be on top of the diet -- we'll know for sure how we're doing right before Thanksgiving -- there has been a minor sort of miracle in that the Diva has about five times as much energy (lord help us) and seems to be a much more content kid now that she's not in constant discomfort. Also the diet is more a pain in the ass than a real burden, even more so now that savvy restaurants realize that celiacs like to eat out, too. One such is the great northwestern PA chain Eat 'n' Park who now has a Celiac-friendly menu.

Now if they could just make some gluten-free smiley cookies, all would be golden.

Still, I wish there were a miracle. I also wish I looked like Heidi Klum. Life is random and unfair.

In order to keep my mind off of my non-Klum-ness, I have become obsessed with a new hobby. Let me introduce you to the "Winter Pot Sampler." (Dude .... you'd be surprised what all you get when you google that string...)


(This done on 32-count linen. Ultimately, I'll do the whole set. Don't hold your breath, tho.)

I've run out of Subversive designs that call to me and felt up for a new challenge. I haven't forsaken the knitting -- oh, no, not at all  -- but need to be mindful of my ever aging body and, more specifically, my creaky old right thumb, which pains me when the weather is damp. Seriously.

What I want, however, are cross stitch blogs that have the same zest and 'tude as knitting blogs do. So far I've only found the Stitch Bitch. Anyone got any recs?

In other news, today is the day that I make lists of all of the things I've forgotten to do lately. While my memory has never been what one would call a "lockbox," it has been particularly leaky lately. If you know of anything I was supposed to do but didn't, please speak up.

And, no, I don't owe you money.


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