shameless self-promotion, number, um, 253? in a series

i voted


Still life with toy cow, voting sticker and cup of tea.

I was going to avoid the whole "Go Vote" spiel today but, as it turns out, am completely unable to.

Others have explained why this particular election is important more eloquently than I ever could. And Scalzi does it particularly well. Here's why I vote, even in the elections that don't seem to matter.

But this one does matter quite a bit. Unless, of course, you're fond of watching the Constitution get gang raped, in which case, please stay on your couch doing bong hits. I'm talking to you, Tony Snow.


Steve Earle summed it up well at a concert years ago: "If you don't care, don't vote. If you don't vote, don't bitch." There's something in that.



Part of me wants to see George Allen win, just so we can keep calling him Senator Macaca.

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