shameless self-promotion, number 255 in a series

it's always something

And so last night, just as I was putting dinner in the oven, the Boy barfed all over Scott. What followed is 12 hours of continued barfing, broken only by 45 minute naps every 3 hours. I will spare you the details, save for this one phrased as a question: anyone know how to get barf out of a woman's fleece slipper, size 9?

Holy crap I am tired. As is Scott.

Today, after a couple of naps (for the Boy, natch, since Soctt and I are working and doing that last minute makeshift routine of schlepping the sickie to campus so that during my classes, which I can't cancel so close to finals, Scott or a benevolent coworker can hold the Boy) and some juice and milk (which have started staying down again), the Boy is on the mend. Scott and I, however, are still very, very tired. Verily I say unto thee -- holy crap we are tired.

Of course the puking happens during tech week because it is just so much more fun that way.

With any luck (ha!), this should be the last of the Boy's illnesses for a bit. It's about time for Maddy to get good and sick, which should happen any second now.


Stumbled upon your blog.... and now I'm scared. Are we living the same life? Check the facts....
I have a girl, born 2002 (followed by severe post-p depression). I have a son, born 2004 (normal post-p). I spent my youngest years in upstate NY (Rochester), and go back frequently to see parents (Ithaca). Children and I love Dan Zanes. I knit (found you through 2003 knitty article). And here is the crazy thing.... I too spent the weekend cleaning up kid vomit (btw, washing machine, in a delicates bag should do the trick on the slips. We sent our couch cushions to the cleaners)

Thanks for the humor on a dreary day.

Yuck. Just--yuck.
Hope you get some sleep AND that no one else starts barfing!!!

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