and so there was turkey
shameless self-promotion, number 255 in a series

leftovers, reheated

I would like this trip for Christmas. Not that December would be the best time to drive around Iceland...

Unlike Dan Renzi, from who I stole the link, I have the Husband. What I lack is the money and time. Actually, I really just lack the money. If I had that, I could make the time.

Perhaps Dan and I could pair up ... any media outlets looking for one potentially wacky-ass story about a former reality show cast member and intermittently insane memoirist driving around the coast of Iceland looking for geysers?



Dude. I'd totally watch that show.

Oh, you should go!

Icelandair has fantastic fares to Europe that allow stopovers from the East Coast.Visit their website and sign up to receive e-mail. I've been through Keflavik airport a dozen times--although not since 2003. Never been to Akureyri though--just Reykjavik and the surrounding hotspots like Geysir and the Blue Lagoon.

Seriously, book a long weekend just to Reykjavik even. Totally worth it and IME winter is the best time to go. The city has several geothermally heated outdoor swimming pools and a great cafe culture. It's much more festive than winter here.And the approch to the airport in Keflavik is like landing on the moon--very trippy landscape.

Oh, and if you go, this museum is a hoot. :)

Karrie - You aren't helping. ;)

Now I just need someone to pay for it...

Adam - know any TV producers? It's a can't miss!

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