from the "huh." department

qotd, Jest edition

The book is 1,067 pages long and there is not one lazy sentence. The book is drum-tight and relentlessly smart and, though it does not wear its heart on its sleeve, it’s deeply felt and incredibly moving. That it was written in three years by a writer under 35 is very painful to think about. So let’s not think about that. The point is that it’s for all these reasons—acclaimed, daunting, not-lazy, drum-tight, very funny (we didn’t mention that yet but yes) — that you picked up this book. Now the question is this: Will you actually read it?

-- From Dave Eggers' (he's everywhere!) foreword to the new paperback edition of the brilliant Infinite Jest.  And, even now, ten years on, David Foster Wallace's masterwork only shines more brightly.


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