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New column up at Austinmama and this one is about my latest parenting theory...

Some other odds and ends, some of which are related to the children:

Maddy and I were watching Disney (or maybe Noggin? I hadn't had any coffee yet.) and a video by our favorite Funny Hair Guy came on. We both sang along, of course, because it's good music, even if it's aimed at smaller ears. And I got to thinking about the music I listened to as a kid. She gets an ex-Del Fuego, They Might Be Giants and Jason from Jason and the Scorchers; I had a Free to Be You and Me soundtrack, Disney's Greatest Hits and several albums by Little Marcy, the puppet for Christ.

Two things spring to mind: first, The Diva is seriously getting the better deal and second, it's a wonder I'm as sane as I am.

Also over the weekend, we went up to the Farmer's Museum to walk around and ride the Carousel. I'm not a big fan of carousels -- they make me queasy -- but the Diva loves 'em. My expectations for the Empire State Carousel were low and I expected the kitsch factor to be off the chart. Instead, it was lovely. Still made me queasy, tho.

Finally, I feel a batch of these cookies will be in my future. Oh, yes. You will be mine.

Now back to writing a grant. Woo.


Mmmm! Another pumpkin recipe to add to my ever-growing file.

Not a huge fan of the cookies, love the theory though. You hit that nail on the head!

How to say this, Adrienne. Um. The new Farmer Jason album has already been purchased for your kids by, uh, SANTA... so don't get any ideas...


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