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I've gotten addicted to the weekly NPR book podcast. Not so addicted, mind you, that I get to them the day that they are uploaded. Which is why I just now heard the Halloween week edition, which featured (among other things) Dave Eggers' new book What is the What.

While I'd known about the book's existence, I'd been avoiding it because Eggers' gets on my nerves. There's something both condescending and precious to his past works that I can only handle in small doses. I only listened with half my head at the start of his interview, then nearly fell the frak over when I heard Allegheny College, my alma mater that no one has heard of, mentioned. Turns out, the Sudanese Lost Boy who is "profiled" in What, Valentino Achak Deng, just matriculated there.

Which just offers further proof that 'gheny grads are quietly taking over the world. Watch your back, Harvard, we're coming for ya.


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