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Suddenly, the snot rang out

It appears that the boy is going to follow that same pattern set by the girl, which is spending your first real winter as a toddler getting every last illness that comes around. The upside is that the girl rarely gets sick now -- other than the "self-hating small intestine," as matthew put it, which is something that will be chronic, rather than acute.

For her, tho, it was ear infections. For the boy, it is sinus infections. And, this go round, bronchitis. It is never good when your kid sounds like a barking seal.

I spent most of yesterday with a barking, snotting, whining kid on my lap watching Blue's Clues. If I tried to do anything else, there was much complaining. Today promises to hold more of the same.

To add some insult, just as I thought I might get a reprieve, when the boy drifted off into a rest at bedtime, ten minutes later the steroids he was given for the hack kicked in, which meant that he was up and just dang perky until midnight. Fortunately, the steroids don't make him mean like they do his sister, who I swore was going to bite the heads off of unicorns and kittens in between fall-on-the-floor-screaming fits. No, the boy was rather charming last night, if awake. He was like a little Rachel Ray.

Anyway. That is where we are.

The boy will visit with Scott on campus while I teach, then we'll go back to slouching on the couch.

Speaking of the teaching -- Thanksgiving break can not come to soon. No. Indeed. It can not.


My boy has been the same way with the viruses and all. But we've had ear infections and bronchitis. Fortunately, the nebulizer is palatable with the right DVDs. I'm with you on needing the break from work.

The Boy thinks the nebulizer is the silliest thing ever and likes to try to chew off its plastic feet. It's the liquid meds that he's a real booger about. For some of them, I have to put him on floor and sit on his arms. Good times.

And, yes, a break. It's not so much the work I need a break from right now but my students. I have had enough of encouraging them to be responsible adults.

Huh, I don't remember saying that.

I know we just saw each other 6 months ago, but next summer is the 92/93 generational reunion. I called to get my room at the Holiday Inn express already.

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