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weekend food report

Because all of the cool kids were doing it, I made bread.


The recipe is the no-knead one from Bittman and Co. that has been making the rounds.


In terms of ease, you really can't beat the Bittman. In terms of results, you can. But when you weigh one against the other, I'd do it again -- but make two corrections.

First, I'd flour the hell out of the bottom towel. I thought I'd dusted enough, but clearly hadn't when the whole mess held fast when I tried to dump it in the hot pot.

Second, I'd use a smaller pot. My LeCruiset  Dutch Oven is the 8 qt. variety, which made a loaf that was less of a dome and more of a humped pancake.

Tasty, as far as humped pancakes go, but the texture was slightly odd.

Also on a food note -- on Saturday night we went to Hartwick's Organic and Local Grassroots dinner. Which was fun because of the folk we got to hang out with. The food was rather meh. I'd pay good money for someone to do a local/organic/grassfed dinner and who could do food that made you wax rhapsodic. Still, tho, the evening was fun. And there was excellent cider and excellent-er ice cream.

But on the topic of grassfed cows (and other ruminants with four (or five -- whatever) tummies), the great Harold McGee has been mulling over current claims about the content of certain beneficial acids in their meat. Love McGee -- and he is answering all sorts of questions (like the one about green potatoes) that I've long had.


Green potatoes. Hmmm.. I picked up a purple cauliflower yesterday at the store, but haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know if this kind of purple flower makes me happy.


Every once in awhile I get a wild hair and decide I should bake all of our bread. Too many excellent bakeries here though, so aside from the odd loaf of amped-up banana/veggie bread that I use to cram 17 servings of produce into my son,I take the lazy way out.

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