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Today I did something that I have never done before.

Today, while Christmas shopping in the local mall (called, affectionately, "the small"), I stopped into the Borders Express to pick up a gift. Of course I looked for The Book, which is on an endcap in the Local section, which was pleasing enough. I made a mental note that if they weren't busy and if I had the courage that I would offer to sign backstock. But I didn't think I actually would, because it seems awfully presumptuous to sign stuff that no one has bought.

When I got to the register, I saw a couple copies of The Book right there, in prime impulse buy position. And so I blurted out "heythat'smybookwantmetosignbackstock?" The answer was yes, which stunned me, and the cashier seemed more nervous than I was about the whole exchange. He also had me inscribe one to him.

So if you are local and looking for a copy, there are a couple at the Borders Express in the Small. They are signed and everything.


Unrelated -- rent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It's dead funny -- and proves that Val Kilmer should return to his Top Secret!/Real Genius days where he didn't seem like a pompous ass and was fun to watch. Kiss Kiss etc also proves how awesome it is that Robert Downey Jr. hasn't OD'd and is sober enough to work.


Well, FWIW I bought my mom a copy too, after all she's in it as a part of the zoo exhibit.


Hi there, I just finished Hillbilly Gothic and it read so much like a blog that I had a feeling I'd find you out here in blogland.

I loved your book, it was funny and wise and important. I myself did not suffer from post-partum depression, per se, but those first few months with my first baby sure weren't fun. I remember not washing my hair, never changing out of my nightgown and watching the Civil War series over and over and over again with her clutched in my arms. The second baby was much easier, and I hope it was for you too. (I plan on reading your archives in the next few weeks, forgive me if you've gone on in detail about what a wretched descent into hell it was!)

Take care, and have a great Christmas!

I occassionally do that when I'm in a bookstore too, though with other people's books. You'll find my autographed copies of "The Great Gatsby" all over metro Detroit.

I second the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang recommendation. I had to run out and tell everyone I knew to watch it immediately. HILARIOUS.

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