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Call me slacker

Sorry about the silence. A day of travel followed by a day of catching up has left me weirdly wordless. So, some pictures.

As promised, the view:


I must now confess my love for Chicago, despite the sound of a howling wind that never really left my hotel room, like it was a roommate or something.

Chicago's just a more humane city than New York. Chicagoans never seem like they are *thisclose* to gnawing of your arm and beating you with it just because it seems like it'd be amusing. I think it has something to do with geography. Manhattan, being an island, has very few options when it comes to growth and the natives become all gnarled because of the cramped conditions. Chicago is expansive -- as long as you don't try to go further east -- and it still feels very much an urban environment fairly far out.

Of course, I could be full of crap. It's a working theory.

Gratuitous (and dark) picture of delish Pad Sie-Ew from Taste of Siam on S. Dearborn. Like I said, chasing down this noodle dish no matter where I roam is my new quest.


More on the food -- I have fallen in lust with Jay's Krunchers Sweet Hawaiian potato chips, which I grabbed in a train station on my way to O'hare yesterday. Must. find. more.

And (some of) the yarn, as it gracefully reposes on my hotel bed. Yes, I had to buy needles and cast on immediately. Everyone does this, right?


More later...


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