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shameless self-promotion, number 261 in a series

here. chew on this.

I am about to go feel all virtuous and stuff by having my every-other-monthly (bimonthly? or is that twice a month?) bloodletting. Or, as they put it, "giving the gift of life." While I don't want to downplay how important blood and the giving of same is, the whole process pales (no pun intended) to actually giving someone life, which I've done twice now. Besides, these people who get the "gift of life" via my blood aren't going to need my to buy them new shoes and Little Ponies. Which is good, because otherwise, I wouldn't donate.

Anyway, for those who've ever wondered about the glamour of a writer's life should read this essay by Charlie Stross, who explains it all for you.
Link stolen from Scalzi, btw.


"BIC or die." Love it!

Looks you you had a great time in Chicago. We drove through a few years ago on a x-country trip, but only had time to stop for a few hours at a Baha'i temple in Wilmette.(My husband's childhood religion.)

I've wanted to go back and explore the city in more detail for awhile. But I never want to drive there again. They make Bostonians seem civilized behind the wheel. :)

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