I'm surprised, too.
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I'm a lurker and knitter and just finished reading your book. Thank you for sharing your difficult and powerful story. As a woman with a family and personal history of depression, your story was very moving for me. I have no children yet but am hoping to be pregnant in the next year and have been worried about the possibility of postpartum depression. I have a good friend who had it quite severely. Thank you for helping to demystify mental illness. It's so important for all of us. I hope you are well. The truth, pain, and hope of your story will be with me for a long time. I'll be passing your book along to my good friends!

Thanks for both reading the book and for your comments! I guess my best advice for the future kid thing is to just stay on top of it. Knowing about PPD is a big part of the battle.

And, yes, we are all well, psychologically. It's the season of sniffles -- but those will pass pretty quickly.

Again, thanks for reading!

Ain't that the truth.
I'm thinking about making that quotation the tagline on my dating profile....think that'll haul them right in?

If I see one more profile that says he's a nice, family-oriented guy who loves to laugh and watch sports, I swear I'll spit.

Just had to get that off my chest, sorry.

I love that quote. Or rather, I did love that quote until I made the mistake of reading it to my husband who then replied, "Well yes, but that's also exactly the kind of thing that battered wives or co-dependent people say." Sort of took the shine right off it. Thanks, honey.

Husbands. No sense of romance. He does have a point, tho. Hadn't even thought of it that way - and now I'll never read it any other way. Thanks him for me. ;)

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