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The Boy has adopted a brand new sleeping routine.

No, that's not right. That above sentence would imply that he is sleeping with a calm and predictable regularity. Instead, he is getting up three or four times per night for no particular reason. And that would be fine if he'd be content to just hang out and, like, enjoy the darkness solo. But, no, we have to get up with him, to share in the experience that is night.

He's never been what one would call a "good" sleeper but his habits have become less "good" than usual. I'm sure this is all because we as parents lack moral fiber.

Last night, however, I decided to take a stand once and for all. The Boy decided that a test of wills sounded like an awful lot of fun, especially at night, which is when he wants to be up anyway.

Long story short, he won. I am old. And tired. And still lack moral fiber. And I think I can safely state that the Featureless Saint, who was a full partner in this plot, would agree on all three points as well.

Admittedly, we didn't help ourselves any by staying up to watch Slither, which is exactly what one would want in a zombie flick that involves pork tenderloins that invade from space and Nathan Fillion, who is welcome to invade my space any day.  Can I get an amen, brothers and sisters? I knew that I could.

Crap, I'm tired -- so tired, in fact, that I did my best to be a good little writer and get ahead of a deadline but am churning out nothing but utter dreck and have decided to just stop picking at it so that it doesn't get infected and require lancing and draining and a course of nuclear-grade antibiotics. In fact, that last sentence is the most interesting thing I've come up with in the last two hours. Pathetic, eh?


I empathize.
Both of my girls were terrible sleepers as infants and toddlers, and even now (at ages 3 and 6) I can pretty much guarantee that I will be up at least once every night.
It totally sucks.

Well The Boy in this house decided to be awake for years and I mean years. I dont actually remember what age he was when he finally had a full night sleep. In the beginning it was my will to sleep over his will to be awake. As he got older I realized it was never so much a battle of the wills as much as this child literally runs best on about six hours of sleep, unless he's growing, then we might get eight out of him. If he sleeps ten hours, I check to make sure he's breathing.

I was grateful when he finally got to the age where I knew he wouldnt get into trouble while I slept. He's ten now. It's good. very good. On weekends and vacations, he stays up till one sometimes two in the morning, and knows I'll kill him if he gets out of bed or makes noise. So he reads quietly for hours. It's great. And he still gets up chipper around 8 or 9. So I dont care if he's up.

My seven year old always slept well. I was blessed there. But the four year old...well, if we could stop wetting the bed at three A.M. and then not procede to crawl into ours all smelly and naked, wow, that'd be fantastic.

I just keep reminding myself that Maddy was an awful sleeper until she hit three. Now she might get up once but only to pee or because she got spooked by something. But the Boy...oh, the Boy. He might be the death of all of us. I suspect he's a boy like your boy, Mel, who really doesn't need all that much sleep and we'll just have to endure his wakefulness until he gets old enough to be awake alone. But I'm hoping a corner might be turned before then. I doubt it -- but have hope.

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