another day at the funny farm
come one, come all.


Currently in Chicago. Would show you a picture from the hotel -- got a room with a killer view of the river -- but forgot to bring the cable thingy that goes from my camera to my computer. Later, then.

Soon I will be out seeing what I can see before my fingers freeze plum off. So far teh only sticky point is that the directions that the hotel gave out to get from the train station were, um, how shall I put this, not to scale. Dang that was a long walk.

Right. Sightseeing. Thai food. Bed.

And if you think of it, say a silent prayer (to a diety or no -- your choice) for the Featureless Saint, who is wrangling children even as I type.


Why come you in Chicago? I missed sumthin!

I have heard that there are good yarn shops in Chicago and just *had* to hop on a plane...

And I'm reading as part of the Bookslut reading series tomorrow night. Come on up, you middle aged woman you!

(And there are awesome yarn shops here, btw. I went to Loopy Yarns. Things were fondled. Yummy, yummy things. Like Handmaiden sock yarn, which is coming home with me.)

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