she knows my pain
in my next life, i'd like to be a critical darling


Last night, the Boy once again reminded us that it is a damn good thing that he is cute. There was little sleep to be had in the house, because whenever we would drift off, he would wake up again and start making his angry caveman guttural cry, which is the sort of noise that is impossible to ignore simply because it is so freaking annoying.

And given the above, I swigged down far too much coffee this morning. I was nice and perky for my class -- but am now shaky and queasy and groggy. Coincidentally, these are also my least favorite dwarves.

So, while I go have a nice piece of toast or something, two links of a crafty nature: new fabric from Amy Butler, whose designs really, really, really make me wish that I enjoyed sewing, and an opportunity to create Good Yarn Karma.


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