note to self
how hard would it be?

i have found it


Picture not taken by me and is stolen from Craftopia, a blog of much sewing awesomeness. As proof: check out her pink lemonade.

This quilt might be the solution to my fabric problem, which is that I love fabric but do not like sewing. I could cut-and-sew some squares, yes? How hard could it be?

I might not want the answer to that. Let me have my delusions.

Other pictures and project specs are here.


It would also be reeeeally easy to strip piece that design.

Yo, Doula love here:

Yo, Doula love here:

Very easy pattern to quilt, but be careful. Once you start quilting, it's hard to stop. I'm always torn between knitting and quilting, and, well caring my own Miss Thing (aka Crazy Pants) and Little Man (aka Mini-me).

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