like peepee teepees, only more expensive
she knows my pain

muppet thumbs

Having almost sliced off the tip of my thumb with a mandolin (the cooking kind, not the stringed kind) a couple of years ago, I found this podcast (I can't seem to link to it but it's Jan. 4, 2007) from Penn Radio absolutely hysterical. In fact, I find most of Penn Radio hysterical -- but this one had some personal resonance. And it should be required listening for anyone who works around power tools.

I'm looking at you Featureless Saint...

Regardless, I am now 80 percent convinced that I have got to make seeing Penn and Teller live in Vegas is a moral imperative. Wonder if there are any yarn shops in Vegas...?


There's a rumor that there is supposed to be a Younghans cousin reunion in Vegas this May. If so, I'll scope out the yarn shops for you.

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